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Building security

We take care of the complete security of small and large buildings. We provide physical security and electronic security. We carry out suitable designs and installations of security systems. 

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They enable online preview, take a time lapse through photos. It will ensure a safe workplace, guarding machines and equipment, a perimeter around excavations and places in the workplace to prevent accidents.

Secures the workplace against trespassers. Monitors buildings and free areas, provides information on entering zones from the point of view of safety, smooth running of the workplace and warehouse.

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Physical security

Physical security personnel are trained to secure property and protect against theft. They use assertive behavior and, if necessary, cooperate with our exit patrol or PČR. A trained team can then perform a random  inspection of employees upon arrival and departure from work.

Security guards are equipped with a patrol system with the possibility of a monthly statement  of patrols for customers.

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