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  • Personal protection

    • on  collateral  client protection, provision  bodyguard  abroad or protection of foreign clients when visiting the Czech Republic,  personal protection in dealings with the counterparty or representation of the client in negotiations, bodyguard in court proceedings, bodyguard in risk areas, protection of important persons, bodyguard for top management,  personal  security  where you need it or for whom you need it.  

  • Protection into society

    • personal provision  protection  at your corporate or private party or event of various kinds. Protection of entrepreneurs during the General Meeting. Bodyguard  at demonstration and client events.  Security  where you feel threatened.

  • Protection of endangered persons

    • providing protection for those who have run into problems, whether in business or as witnesses to serious crime.  The protection of such persons requires specific means and planning due to the real threat. Apart from the protection of such persons, bodyguards must also ensure the confidentiality of the stay of endangered persons or witnesses. Physical protection for your children, even if someone blackmails you into kidnapping a child. Assistance in handing over a child in disputes between parents.

  • Crisis management

    • provision  protection in cases where threats or extortion take place, protection in the event of a break-up of partners, where there are very frequent aggravated situations, threats and harassment.  Protection when tracking a person, protection when concluding an important business. Providing protection in the event of frequent physical attacks. Providing assistance in the division of corporate and private property.

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