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Surveillance Center

  • Physical security
    • represents an activity performed for the purpose of protecting persons, property or objects. Our goal is to protect the object or person from violence, damage, vandalism or abuse.
    • We provide security at markets, festivals, festivities, exhibitions, openings, presentations, meetings, meetings, etc.
    • We also provide physical security for buildings and structures where our quality services are needed and where others no longer know what to do.
    • Our company has many years of experience in providing security and organizing services for football, hockey and basketball matches. We provided this service not only in Opava, but also, for example, in Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Brno, Olomouc, but also in Poland and Slovakia.

    • In the field of culture, we provide a comprehensive security and organizing service for performances and concerts by Czech and foreign performers.

    • We participated in the guarding of radio concerts of Radio Čas, parties of Radio Kiss, Helax, etc.

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