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Detective services

  • Tracking

    • people, things, vehicles, real estate and other objects of interest. Possibility of elaboration of complete documentation - photo, audio or video recording. Suitable for obtaining valuable information to  persons, their contacts, motivations, interests, activities or property relations. We provide monitoring  throughout the Czech Republic and in  abroad. OF  each monitoring is in agreement with  the client has a written report, processed and evaluated other documentation such as photographs, or audio or video.

  • Tracking people

    • By tracking it is possible to obtain valuable information for  persons, their contacts and activities. For example, business partners can monitor reactions after a business meeting or employees to see if they are loyal. IN  Family relationships can reveal a partner's infidelity, risky children's behavior or prepare evidence for divorce proceedings. Monitoring can also address very serious situations such as stalking or harassment, bullying or sexual abuse of children.

  • Tracking of things, vehicles, real estate and other objects of interest

    • This type of monitoring leads to  rapid detection of unauthorized access to property, theft, misuse, manipulation or sabotage.

  • Detective services and advice in the economic sector

    • The protection of the client's economic interests also includes the examination of its own employees, including recruits. We can ensure the psychological profile of newly hired and existing employees. Furthermore, employees can be checked in case of suspicion of their possible negative activity towards the company, but also in case it is necessary to evaluate their loyalty, ie when considering the occupation of a strategic manager or an important workplace.

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